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    Why 2018 is going to be my year

    Yes, i’m joining the bandwagon and saying ‘2018 will be my year’, but here is why it really will be. Loving myself I’ll admit it, I hate, hate, hate being single. I wanna feel that happiness and love that comes with a relationship, however this led to a lot of hurt and upset this year. Not to bash dating apps but I thought I could find someone to love on there, and while I certainly thought I’d found someone, they didn’t quite feel the same about me. So I have banished the online apps and I am just gonna enjoy life until I stumble across Mr.Right. No pressure, no rushing…i’m…

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    Talking about mental health

    I’ve had a difficult couple of years, and that’s putting it nicely. Don’t get me wrong there have been good times, but in all honesty they’re overshadowed with this overwhelming sense of failure. I really noticed a change in my behaviour and day-to-day life a little while back, when my eczema started worsening. Sleep wasn’t easy, I was in a lot of pain and general life stresses started to get me down. I’ve cancelled going to events and days out, and spent endless weekends stranded in bed, in too much pain to move. It’s only really been the last couple of months or so where i’ve really struggled, I’ve been…

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    The Eczema Diaries 

    Normally I don’t like sharing this sort of thing on my blog, I like to keep it pretty and positive and full of all things beauty. But this isn’t my reality, not at the moment. You’ll know from previous blogs that I suffer from eczema and have done for a long time. It’s usually kept under control with strong topical steroid creams.

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    How to de-stress

    Life often goes at 100mph and over time things build up until the smallest of problems can tip you over the edge. I’ve experienced a lot of this recently, a lot of things went wrong last year and the slightest thing could turn me into a crying mess. I burnt some toast one morning, and that was it I lost the plot. Obviously it wasn’t the toast that upset me but the fact that everything else in my life had been turned upside down and I couldn’t even master the simple task of making breakfast.

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    Moving blogs: How to budget!

    A few unexpected personal circumstances have meant that I have to move out of my current house, next week. It’s safe to say that i’m a little unprepared and instead of packing boxes I’m here writing a blog for you…procrastination at its best! I’m going to be writing a series of moving blogs, from budgeting tips to packing all your belongings and keeping the whole process as stress free as possible! Sharing the cost of rent, bills etc was a bit of a safety net if one person couldn’t pay then there is a second income to cover the cost. But now it is time for me to rent a…

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    Training for a 10-mile run?!

    I used to be so fit as a child; netball, dance, tennis, football were just a few of the things on my weekly activities list. But as I got older these sports dropped off my radar and once I went to university that was it, the only exercise I got was walking to the bus stop for lectures, oh and can you count dancing for hours on a night out? Anyway, once I left university my fitness levels were at an all time low and with a year or so struggling with a chest condition it was a recipe for disaster. Last year I took part in the Wolf Run,…

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    Festival Essentials

    Festival season is in full swing, and no matter which festival you are heading to the items you pack are pretty much the same across the all of them, depending on the weather forecast of course! I’m going to Creamfields in a couple of weeks, I have already started looking at festival fashion and beauty inspiration. And whilst I search the internet for glitter, flower crowns and new clothes, I also have a list of essentials that are an absolute must have for a weekend at a festival! A tent, sleeping bag and wellies are obvious essentials, but here are a few extras that I think you should take with you. First…