Skin Update, It’s been a while!

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Oh hi! It’s been a while hasn’t it, I’ve very much neglected my blog! But seeing as I’ve been made redundant and we’re currently on Coronavirus lockdown I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring my blog back to life!

A lot has changed since I last wrote about my eczema.

Back in November I was finally given the go ahead to try Dupixent, a biologic drug still fairly new to eczema sufferers. The months leading up to me being approved Dupixent were rough, really rough. I had been taking Ciclosporin but I ended up having awful side effects; headaches, high blood pressure and also stomach ulcers. It was a drug that just didn’t agree with me. It doesn’t mean it can’t work for somebody else, but it just wasn’t for me. I ended up coming off Ciclosporin in around August 2019 and the side effects improved, but then of course my skin began to deteriorate.

Then followed months of agony, and some of the worst flare ups I’d ever experienced. I won’t go into too much detail, partly because I genuinely think I’m a bit mentally traumatised with what I went through…

Anyway, onto December 2019… I had my appointment booked with a nurse to come to my house to train me in how to self-administer Dupixent. For those that aren’t sure Dupixent was approved for use in England in August 2018, so it’s still fairly new. It works by blocking the actions of two proteins that trigger inflammation. You administer the drug by injection, 300mg once a fortnight.

Fast forwarding to today and things have been pretty mixed. It took me a little while to get used to having to inject myself, it was okay for a while but I had one botched attempt one week and it put me right off. Luckily my Mum is a nurse so she helped me out for a little while and now due to lockdown I’ve had to grow a pair and do them myself – it’s gone okay!

In terms of my skin, neck downwards I’m about 95% clear, my skin is a little dry but compared to several months ago my skin is amazing! Sadly I have a fair bit of scarring in places, but i’d much rather that then be in as much pain as I was.

So what about neck upwards? Well my scalp is clear – I can finally shower and wash my hair without crying in pain. But my face hasn’t been great. Since early February I had really sore eyes, which spread across my face. I can only describe it as severe sunburn, which over a few days then went really dry and peeled off (sorry TMI), it would then repeat itself in a pretty awful vicious circle. It’s potentially a side effect of the Dupixent, according to my paperwork that I got when I was prescribed it. But I won’t know for sure until I have my phone call with the Dermatology Nurse in a couple of weeks time. The past week my face has improved, I’ve been using a new face cream, which I will talk more about in a few weeks once I’ve given it a good try, it’s too soon to tell if it’s working or not at the moment.

It’s not the nicest picture I know, but it’s my reality at the moment!
Left: 7th April 2020 – Dry, painful and cracked skin
Right: 14th April 2020 – Redness in areas but more supple and happy skin!

In terms of the creams I’ve been using on my body I’ve been loving Cetraben, specifically their Oatmeal Cream. And I’m not just saying that because I was part of their ‘This Is My Skin’ Campaign, I genuinely love it. It’s the perfect cream to apply after I shower and before bed and has soothed any dryness that I get in stubborn areas.

So, that’s it really. It’s been a busy few months for my skin. I’m hoping that if I can get my face under control I’ll be good to go…hopefully in time for my holiday at the end of June (if it doesn’t get cancelled!).

Stay Safe, Stay Home!

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  • Debra McAleavy

    Hi Amy, I also am on Dupixent since September 2019, I have red eyes, sometimes they are irritated sometimes not, I can’t quite work out what makes them more red / irritated.
    My skin on my body is good, not itchy at all.
    I hope your skin improves xx

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