I promoted my Instagram posts for a week; and this is what happened

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So I have always been curious to see what would happen if I put a couple of pounds behind my Instagram posts. I work in digital marketing and have done business styled ads on both Facebook and Instagram before. But I’ve never done it on my own channel, so I was interested to see what would happen.

It’s really easy to set the ads up, all you need is your account a business one, linked to your business Facebook page with a credit/debit card attached. You choose your audience, budget and how long you want you post promoted for. Budgets start at just £1 a day, so it’s pretty affordable if you want to give your content a little boost.

The results

I had fairly good success with the posts I promoted, I only spent a couple of pounds per post over a couple of days as I didn’t want to go overboard. I saw lots of engagement on those posts and they were seen by lots of people that wouldn’t usually see my content, it also resulted in a handful of new followers too.

Organic traffic

I have to say, since I’ve gone back to just posting and seeing what happens my engagement has dropped through the floor. I’m only a micro blogger and don’t have a big following, but I could tell straight away that my usual engagement on posts was just not happening. I don’t know if paying to promote posts has got insta hiding my organic ones in a bid to get me to promote those as well, but it’s really frustrating.

Would I promote again?

Meh, probably not. I only spent about £8 over the space of a week, so it hasn’t broken the bank but I honestly don’t think it was worth it. I may think about it in the future once I’ve built my following a bit more, but for know I’m going to continue posting, and trying to figure out the Instagram Algorithm!

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