My Spring Fashion Staples

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The sun has started to make a more regular appearance (i mean, have you seen the forecast for the weekend?! ☀️) , and I’m finally ready to start packing away the winter clothes. I’ve been changing up my wardrobe and injecting a bit more colour, and trying some new styles that I wouldn’t always go for! Here are some of the pieces I’ve been loving recently.

I’m trying to be more aware of sustainable fashion and the impact I can have on the environment. I’ve previously been really bad at just buying a whole wardrobe of clothes, and then only wearing items once or twice, before they just sit at the back of the closet gathering dust. Now, before buying anything I think about the combinations I can put together with items I already have in my wardrobe so that I can get the most out of the things I buy. I’m also trying to pull things out the back of my wardrobe and give them a little love, and wearing them new ways! This blazer is Marks & Spencer but I bought it at a charity shop about six years ago. It’s a classic design and I’ve worn it year in, year out! I’m definitely going to head to the charity shops more often, always lots of goodies to be found.

I’m also aware that I buy a large proportion of my clothes from ‘Fast Fashion’ labels, such as Primark & Boohoo. It is something I would like to move away from, and to make more sustainable choices, but little steps in the right direction such as being more careful about what and how much I buy is good for me right now!

Layers are my new thing. Plain white tees with jumpsuits, midi dresses and more! It allows you to bring out those key summer pieces even when it isn’t quite warm enough! Both the above Jumpsuit and Dress are from Primark, and I can’t wait to wear them throughout Spring and Summer. Layering also allows for more combinations of outfits. A recent trip away and carefully picked items meant I had numerous outfit combinations to choose from, with minimal items! Trainers are Topshop, another key piece in my wardrobe right now, and go with virtually anything.

Lastly, Culottes! (Yes another Primark purchase), but fab for spring and go with my M&S Blazer and Topshop Trainers, as well as other items I already own, so a staple in my wardrobe for the foreseeable future! They’re a super lightweight material and really comfy, they also help inject a little colour into my collection. Also, I went to Coppa Club for breakfast on my visit to London last week and would defo recommend as a cute little spot, views over Tower Bridge and delicious food!

So there we go, just a few little pieces I’m loving right now. What are your spring fashion staples? Let me know!

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