How I’m becoming more confident with my style choices

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Style and fashion have always things I’ve wanted to be more confident in. I spent so long scrolling through Instagram/Twitter/online retailers looking at clothes and thinking that they would never in a million years suit me and my body. I always stuck to what I knew; Jeans, baggy t-shirts and the occasional dress and boots. This was never helped when my eczema was bad as well, as I just stuck to what was comfortable and wouldn’t further irritate my skin.

This year, a goal of mine is to become more confident in front of the camera. I’m lucky my boyfriend doesn’t mind (most of the time) taking outfit photos for me so I have been working at being more out there in terms of what I put on my blog and Instagram, and dipping my toe into the world of fashion.

This has led to me trying out different styles that I would normally avoid like the plague. Midi Skirts, Snake Prints, Chunkier Trainers, the list goes on…I’ve even just ordered a pair of white ankle boots as I am writing this, stay tuned for my thoughts on them!

This outfit is one I never thought would suit me, I didn’t feel ‘cool enough’ to pull off the chunky sneakers and snake print style, but here I am, loving it!

Trainers: Topshop
Jumper & Trousers: Primark
Coat: Superdry
Handbag: Accessorize

I’m really starting to enjoy these new styles and have felt so much more confident in myself. Some outfits I really wasn’t sure about when I first tried on. But you know what? It wasn’t the clothes that were the problem, it was the perception I had of myself. Loving myself more has meant that I have felt more positive and excited about this new found style I have ventured into.

I have to say that as much negative press as social media gets, and on occasion it has certainly made me feel inferior, I found it a great place for inspiration and ideas on new brands and styles to try. I’m looking forward to seeing how my style develops over the next 12 months!

What have you done to feel more confident with the fashion choices you make? How has your style changed over the years? I’d love to know in the comments!

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