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Managing my skin condition while travelling

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One of the main things I was worried about before travelling to Canada was how my eczema would cope. A change in weather, hotel bedding that’s been cleaned with strong detergents, tiredness, anxiety and anything and everything that could trigger a flare. There were a few things that I did to keep my eczema at bay, thankfully I only suffered with a couple of minor flare days, and considering how bad my skin got last time I went on holiday I was feeling pretty grateful!


Before I went away I got a list together of everything I might need to combat my eczema should it flare up. Creams, medications, bandages, the full works. I put myself a pack together so everything would be in one place if I needed it. I also packed myself a mini hand luggage version too, so I could access everything on the go. Even if you haven’t needed something for a while, for example I haven’t used bandages for a few months, I still packed some just in case!

The Flight

Nine and a half hours on a flight was always going to be a real test for my skin. Flying dries out even the most hydrated skin, so I was nervous that it would trigger my eczema, but I was prepared! The little eczema pack I made came in really handy, and I made sure I applied my creams to my trigger areas every couple of hours, and although my skin was a little dry still at the end of the flight it was no where near as bad as it could have been. I also made sure I drank plenty of water and wore loose lightweight clothing.

On The Tour

While on the tour I made sure I put aside enough time each day to complete my normal routine. It was hard as we never stopped and were always on the move, but I just allowed myself enough time to shower as normal, and apply all my creams. I also watched my alcohol intake as I know that’s a trigger for me, and made sure I kept my water intake up too!

I had a couple of days where my skin began to get irritated but it was minor in comparison to previous flare ups. My skin was always on my mind while I was away, and even though it’s a lot better now it still consumes a large part of my life as I’m always worried about when it will next be triggered. I think the important thing to remember if you’re travelling with a skin condition is be prepared. Take everything you could possibly need. You may not use half of it, but it’s best to have it with you, as it may not be easily accessible wherever you’re going!

What eczema products are number one on your list when you travel? Let me know in the comments!

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