Methotrexate; 15 week update

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So we’re here at week 15 and it seems like the progression has come to a halt. I’ve flared twice in the last couple of weeks and although they haven’t been as bad as my skin was before the treatment I’m still suffering. I think my recent flare was caused by a night of drinking prosecco and sambuca, which isn’t ideal seeing as I’m going on a hen do in a couple of weeks and want to be able to enjoy a glass or few of bubbly. So we’ll see on that topic and assess my skin when the time comes.

In terms of side effects they seemed to have settled down quite considerably, I’m no longer feeling exhausted and nauseous all the time. Plus I also had a couple of signs of mouth ulcers (a really common side effect) which have also subsided as well.

I have an appointment with the Dermatologist at the end of this month, where he may suggest I up the dosage to see if it helps. I’m currently on 5mg a week, so it’s a very small dose. I’m starting to feel quite anxious about the second half of this year as I’ll have to come off the medication at some point, and it will all be a bit of a waiting game to see how my body and skin reacts. I’m heading out to Canada for two weeks in September and I need my skin to be under control for that as I don’t want the trip to be ruined if I’m in pain. But I suppose that’s still a few months down the line yet so I’m trying not to worry too much.

In terms of what creams I’m using for my skin at the moment I was recommended the Mixa range and I can safely say it’s been a big help. It’s oat milk based and is really soothing, especially on my sore patches. It’s also pretty affordable so I don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when buying it. One to try if you haven’t already!

In general everything is good, I feel like a bit of a set back in the last week, but I’m managing and my mental health is 100x times better than it was 6 months ago. I guess I’m just going to have to go with it, see what happens and hope for the best. I’m fully aware that this treatment might not be a permanent fix but we’ll just have to jump each hurdle as it comes. See you back here in a few weeks for the next fun instalment of my eczema journey!

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