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Methotrexate; 8 week update

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So the first four weeks seemed to go past just fine, my skin healed amazing and I generally felt well. However I think some of the listed side effects have began to kick in now that i’m at week 8.

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How my skin is feeling

I had my first flare since taking Methotrexate. It was during the ‘Beast from the East’ storm, and my skin couldn’t handle the -5° temperature outside and then the 30° from the office heating. The change was just too much and I flared. However I got it under control quickly so it didn’t worry me too much. Other than that my skin is doing really good, it’s not perfect by any means but I feel 100x more confident, I can wear a more exciting range of clothes other than baggy cotton t shirts and I can wear makeup without the worry that it will make my eyes swell up. It’s also nice to walk down the street, or go on a night out without people staring at me.

The side effects

I’m tired, like really tired. Especially in the morning. I can be sat at my desk at 9am, barely able to keep my eyes open, despite the fact I’ve had a relatively decent nights sleep, and having just had a boost of coffee. I feel like I’ve just done a full weekend of madness at Creamfields and I need a weeks sleep to feel even semi okay. I seem to feel it worse when I have a busy weekend, so I think I need to just make sure I give myself enough rest so I don’t feel like I’ve been hit by a train on a Monday morning. I’ve also been suffering a bit of nausea as well, not too intense but enough that some days I can’t really stomach the thought of food other than toast. It has made me question a little whether Methotrexate is right for me, but I also have to remember the pain I was in when my skin was bad last year. I think the positives outweigh the negatives for me right now, so I’m just going to take it week by week and see how I get on.

I’ll have another check up with the Dermatologist in a couple of months so we’ll see what he reckons too! As always i’ll reiterate that eczema is an individual condition and while this treatment seems to be working for me, it might not work for you. It’s a good idea to do your research first so you know what you’re getting yourself in for!

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