An abnormal smear test?!

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Not going to lie, i’m pretty nervous about publishing this blog post. It’s a very personal matter, and it might make some of you ladies cross your legs, but i’m writing this because it highlights just how important it is to go for your smear test!

I had my first smear test a few weeks ago, just after I turned 25, which is when it will be offered to you here in the UK. The smear test itself was quick, pain free and to be honest I forgot about it soon after. But three weeks later an envelope fell through the letterbox. Immediately my eyes were drawn to the words ‘Abnormal’, ‘Cancer’ and ‘Colposcopy’. I’m not going to lie, I panicked, and reread the letter about six times. My smear test had identified some abnormal cells, and in my case moderate dyskaryosis. It doesn’t mean cancer, but it does mean that these cells need to be treated in order for them to not turn into cancer further down the line.

Of course the first thing I did was extensively ‘google’ cervical cancer symptoms, to see if I could link it to anything. But I eventually decided that finding these cells and having a Colposcopy booked was a good thing, because it’s catching it early before it develops into something serious.

The procedure

I won’t go into too much detail here, but although it was a little uncomfortable it was over relatively quickly and the team that looked after me were amazing. The doctor talked me through everything he was doing so I knew exactly what was going on and I had a nurse that held my hand the whole time, even when I had a mini panic attack when I had to be given a local anesthetic so they could remove the cells. But after 20 minutes I was up dressed and on my way home, in the snow which was entertaining after having a local anesthetic (cue waddling penguin styled walk).

What next?

I have to wait now for my results, but the doctor was confident that he removed all the abnormal cells. For now it’s a few weeks of no exercising (it’s not like I do any regardless! Ha!), and just other general aftercare stuff that they give you a little book about.

Why am I writing this?

It’s not the most fun topic, and i’m sorry if it makes anyone feel uncomfortable. But I’m writing this because I want to reiterate how important it is to get this procedure done if your smear test comes back as abnormal. It’s mildly uncomfortable, but i’ll take that rather than leaving it to turn into something more sinister in a few years time, something that potentially could be fatal.

So many ladies avoid getting their smear test done, but it really could save your life. If I had put off going for my smear test, I would never have found out about the abnormal cells, and well the thought of what that could have turned to actually sent chills down my spine. It’s five minutes out of your day, it could save your life, book it today!

If you have any questions, please do drop me a comment below, or you can email me if you’d rather speak in private! If this blog post helps just one of you lovely ladies book your smear test then i’ll see it as successful, it honestly isn’t as bad as you think!

The lovely team at Jo’s Trust are also on hand to help, and their website was amazing at answering all the questions I had about the test, and treatment.


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