February Beauty Picks

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So the end of February is upon us, i’m taking a little look at the beauty products I have been loving this month.

Profusion palette

Picked this up in TK Maxx recently and i’ve fallen in love with it. I’d never come across the Profusion brand before but the colours in this palette are beautiful and the pigmentation is stunning. The range of colours is also amazing, with a perfect balance of mattes and shimmers.

EX1 foundation

I told myself I wasn’t going to pick up any new foundations as I already have quite the stash but i’d heard really good things about this one so I thought i’d give it a go. I definitely picked up the wrong shade, it’s too dark/warm for my skin tone, but that’s where the next February favourite comes in!

MUA foundation corrector

Due to the too dark foundation mentioned above I needed something to lighten it a little. I was gonna go for the Body Shop one but at £11 I might as well have picked up the foundation in the right shade. But I did a lil internet search and heard good things about this MUA one, and at only £3 it was much more appealing. It lightened my foundation perfectly and the combination of the two led to a lovely everyday base.

Barry M highlighter drops

Want the dewiest glow there is going? Then you’ll want to get hold of this! A little goes a really long way so you won’t have be replacing the bottle very often! There’s a great range of shades too, so something for every skin tone.

Nyx Cosmetics matte bronzer

I’ve had this in my collection for a while but recently rediscovered it. When i’m not wanting to glow to the high heavens, but still wanting to warm up my ghostly complexion this is what I have been reaching for!

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