Three things to relax your mind

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Work, chores and everyday life can often rush past in a blur, and it can often be hard to get some real peace where your mind is at rest. Addressing my depression and anxiety concerns has meant that I have concentrated a lot more on myself and how i’m feeling. Here are three ways you can help feel calm and clear your head.

Screen time

Sometimes I don’t realise how much I use my phone, it literally comes everywhere with me. Yes, I enjoy social media, and building my own brand but i’ve started to realise how important it is to take time away from screens to clear my head. Once a week I’ve put my phone away in a drawer, turned off my computer and just chilled out. Instead of pointlessly scrolling through Twitter or staring at my Instagram feed i’ve picked up a book, or cooked something from scratch for dinner. I’ve found it helps take away that anxiety of seeing what other people are doing and whether it’s better than what i’m doing. I’m learning to not compare myself to other people and to embrace my life and everything I do!

Fresh air

There’s something about getting out in the fresh air that really helps to feel better. If I have no plans at the weekend I’ll take a walk into town, grab a coffee and just chill out. I will even try to get out for 20 mins on my lunch break at work, it just helps to clear my mind and feel ready for the afternoon ahead. This is also making me pretty excited for the spring and summer months!

Get organised

I start to feel anxious when I feel like life is getting on top of me and I’m not sure what i’m supposed to be doing and when. So, when I start to feel like this I get myself organised. I write myself a list of what I want to achieve by when, and set myself small goals so I don’t freak myself out too much! It may sound daft, but it really helps get things straight in my head and I feel motivated when I tick things off my list! I like to set small goals on a weekly basis, things like tidying my floordrobe back into the wardrobe or, find a brand new recipe to cook for dinner one evening. It means that even if it’s been a plain old week i’ll like i’ve achieved something! I also like to spend some of the weekend planning my blog content for the week, with a cup of tea in hand of course!

What do you do to help unwind? Let me know in the comments below!

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