How to: Blogging when you have a full time job

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So, my blog is definitely still in its infant stages. I haven’t really worked with any brands properly, other than being (very kindly) gifted some products to review. However it still takes quite a bit of planning, and motivation to run a blog alongside having a full time job! Here are my top tips!

Plan, plan, plan!

I find this really helps, especially if i’m struggling to come up with ideas on what to write. I plan ahead a month or so in advance. I start with writing down all the ideas and then put them into my diary. I find this really helps when working around my job and other commitments such as volunteering and social events.

Bulk writing and photography

If I know I have a full weekend free I’ll try and get as many posts written as possible and scheduled in for the week ahead. Important tip though, if you’re feeling like you’re lacking creativity don’t force yourself to write anything. You’ll end up hating it and get super frustrated!

I prefer to use natural light for my photos but obviously during the winter I get home from work and it’s already dark outside. I invested in a couple of softbox lights that do help with this. But something else I do is write my content during the week and then take my photos at the weekend when I can take my photos during the day, with natural lighting. I’m also lucky enough to work close to home so I can go home on my lunch break and take some photos, especially on those sunny days when the natural light is on point!

Give yourself a night off

It can get pretty busy with working and blogging all at once. So make sure you give yourself a night off! Plan around it so you don’t end up working all week and then blogging all the evenings and weekends. Unless you’re feeling creative of course, then go right ahead and boss it!

Stay motivated

Building a brand organically takes a lot of time and patience, and sometimes it can feel like you’re getting nowhere. But it’s important to stay motivated and keep going as it’ll start paying off soon! And plus, I absolutely love it, and that’s the most important thing for me, i’ll only continue this as long as I love writing it!

What tips do you have for blogging and working full time? Let me know in the comments!

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