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Eczema update: New medication and flare cycles

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After a year of pretty much always in a flared state I finally get referred to the dermatologist at the end of 2017. Initially he sent me away with a huge bag of creams and an appointment for a blood test, aimed at testing anything and everything that could possibly be causing my flare ups.

I had my follow up appointment last week and the only thing my blood test showed was that my immunoglobulin levels were high, not outrageously high, but high enough that he thought a course of immunosuppressants were needed. He prescribed me Methotrexate to treat the eczema and Folic Acid, to counter act any possible side effects.


I’ve done a bit of research into Methotrexate and i’m not going to lie it scared me a little, I didn’t really find anything positive. Methotrexate is often given to people who have been diagnosed with cancer or arthritis, and in my case, eczema and other skin conditions.

It should help break the itch scratch cycle that is a major part of why I have been suffering so badly, if I can break that it’ll go a long way for me being able to control the condition.

Blood tests

Methotrexate can have some pretty serious side effects, so every two weeks I have to get a blood test done to ensure everything is working properly! I’ve also been advised to avoid drinking alcohol for the first few weeks taking the medication because it can serious side effects with my liver function.

Current skin

It’s like i’m going in a big circle, I flare (badly), my skin takes a couple of weeks to heal and then i’m completely clear, for another two/three weeks, before I flare up again. Sometimes people look at me and say ‘Oh your skin doesn’t look bad at all’, in my head i’m saying ‘gimme 24 hours and that could all change’. I think that’s something people don’t always realise is how quickly things could change. I can go to bed fine and wake up with my skin so sore and swollen to the point where I can barely function as a human being.

Keeping updated

The reason i’m writing these boring, and tedious blog posts is because if I can help just one person out there who is suffering like I have then this will all be worth it. Taking immunosuppressants is a big and serious step and I know the dermatologist didn’t take the decision lightly. I’ll update you all in a couple of weeks to tell all about how i’m feeling, how my skin is doing and what is next on this eczema healing journey.

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  • themonicaway

    Sorry to hear you’re struggling with your skin xxx I did for so long and then went on a 3 month course of antibiotics and finally I’m seeing some big improvements! Xxx hope you do too soon ❤️❤️Loving your blog!

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