Eyewake Collagen Gel

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My skincare routine has been relatively boring in the more recent months, I have just been reaching for my prescribed eczema creams. However my face has been healing pretty well so I have slowly introduced some new products to combat my tired, dull, puffy skin!

The lovely team at Eyewake sent me their brand new collagen gel to try out and review. Although I have only been using the gel for a week, there is a lot I have to say.

What’s in it?

The gel is packed with goodness, including aloe vera gel, vitamin E, witch hazel, elderflower and cucumber extracts. I have used other eye products before, and they have stung when applied and made my eyes water like crazy, but not the Eyewake gel, it’s really soothing and is gentle on sensitive skin.

The product has a thick formula, but it sinks into the skin really quickly and isn’t greasy in the slightest.

Brightens and banishes dark circles.

After using the gel for a few days I quickly noticed a difference, the dark circles under my eyes have faded and the skin feels much more supple and hydrated. My under eyes can get quite sore from my eczema so it’s nice to find something that helps combat that!

I’ve found it has already helped smooth out the skin too, meaning my makeup applies much smoother and easier.

Womens Aid

There’s something else too, for every bottle you buy a donation is made to Women’s Aid, a charity that works tirelessly to support those have experienced domestic violence. So if you want to buy a product that’s kind to your skin, and helps those in need then look no further.

Where to buy

Just head over to the Eyewake website! As well as buying the collagen gel you can read all about their partnership with Women’s Aid.


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