Why 2018 is going to be my year

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Yes, i’m joining the bandwagon and saying ‘2018 will be my year’, but here is why it really will be.

Loving myself

I’ll admit it, I hate, hate, hate being single. I wanna feel that happiness and love that comes with a relationship, however this led to a lot of hurt and upset this year. Not to bash dating apps but I thought I could find someone to love on there, and while I certainly thought I’d found someone, they didn’t quite feel the same about me. So I have banished the online apps and I am just gonna enjoy life until I stumble across Mr.Right. No pressure, no rushing…i’m just going to wait for him to come along.

This all needs to start with me though, I need to love myself and love my own company. I’m going to busy myself with my blog and an array of other hobbies so that I’m not starring at the same four walls of my bedroom…that won’t get me far at all! I’m just going to concentrate on me, my body and my mental health as to be honest that’s far more important than anything else right now.


I also neeeeed to travel more, so i’m going to challenge myself to save £300 a month to fund this need to see the world. It won’t be easy but I’d rather spend money on travelling then materialistic junk that’s just going to gather dust in my wardrobe. Any budget tips please throw them my way.

Canada is the top of the list, don’t ask me why but I would absolutely love to travel there, if you’ve been to Canada before please send tips and advice on the best places to go,

Healthy body, healthy mind…and skin!

Now here is the real cliche, but I want to feel happier about my body. Now I’m not wanting to lose weight or anything like that but I just want to feel better, have happier skin that doesn’t flare every five minutes, have more energy etc etc.

If I can get my skin to a point where it isn’t so sore I can start running again, because I honestly do love to get out in the fresh air, but i’m just too uncomfortable right now to do that. So diet first, lots of veggies and healthy snacks, to reduce irritation and skin inflammation and then gentle exercise to follow….watch this space!


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