Top three favourite eyeshadow palettes

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Not going to lie, a lot of my eyeshadow palettes have a similar colour range, I have blue eyes so it’s all about golds, browns and copper shades that best suit me! I have three palettes that I reach for the most, all of varying price ranges, so I know there’ll be something for everyone here.

Urban Decay naked palette

I wanted to choose a range of palettes that went from high street to high end, so here is my high end choice! The original Urban Decay Naked Palette. Full of smokey mattes and shimmer shades, it’s super versatile and can create simple day looks or the classic ‘out out glam look’ as I call it! The shadows are really pigmented and blend beautifully, making it my fave in my collection.

NYX Ultimate palette – warm neutrals

I picked this up recently, and not going to lie I absolutely love it! I had heard a lot of mixed reviews about this range of palettes so was a little hesitant but I really liked the shades in the warm neutrals palette so thought i’d give it ago. I have reached for it nearly everyday throughout autumn, the red, bronze and auburn shades are dreamy! There are also a few shimmer shadows in there too if you want to add a little glam look to your makeup!

Sleek I-divine eye palette – all night long

The perfect, affordable palette for that evening glam look! I have a few of the Sleek palettes and I would highly recommend them, they’re really pigmented and blend really beautifully. At only around £8 a palette you can’t go wrong, a real favourite in my books!

What eyeshadow palettes are up there are your favourites? Let me know!


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