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Beauty Tips for Eczema

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When I started getting into beauty and make up I spent a lot of time researching the best products, tutorials and tips for applying make up when you have eczema. I didn’t come across a lot if i’m honest, there was a lot out there for acne and other skin issues, but for eczema, it was minimal. So here are some of my tips for applying make up when you have eczema and other dry skin conditions!

Prepping your skin

When you have eczema your skin lacks oils, meaning it gets dry really easily. The most important thing to do before applying any makeup is to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, removing any dead, dry skin cells! I love the Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser and microexoliant, a little pricey but amazing! Then you want to use a really good moisturiser so that your skin stays hydrated and will stop your makeup going cakey and clinging to your dry skin! Don’t use anything heavily perfumed, for most people with eczema it will irritate your skin.

Primer and foundation

These are the most important products that will determine how flawless your skin looks. Avoid matte foundations, as they will dry your skin out further. BB creams are great as they are more hydrating than a foundation. But if you want something with a more fuller coverage use these personal faves!

How to make it last

Now this is where things get a bit more difficult. Quite often about 5 minutes after leaving the house my dry patches are showing and my foundation has disappeared from sight. I’ve tried a few different things to try and make it last longer and this is what i’ve found:

  • Use a hydrating face mist throughout the day – It stops your skin from drying out
  • Only apply a thin layer of foundation – if you apply too much it’ll cake much easier on your dry patches
  • Use primer and make sure it’s a hydrating one! I use the no7 colour balancing primer. It’s hydrating and it balances out the redness!
  • Drink lots of water – Keep your skin hydrated from the inside as well as the outside!

Make up during an eczema flare up

If i’m honest I don’t usually wear makeup when my skin has flared, as it will generally make it more irritated, and letting my skin breathe helps it heal quicker. However if i’m heading out with friends or somewhere I want to feel a little more confident I’ll just do something minimal. I’ll use my favourite BB cream from No7, a little mascara, tidy up my brows and a little lippy. It’s amazing what these four simple products do for my complexion, and my confidence!

Have an evening routine

Just as you take a lot of care prepping your skin and applying your makeup at the start of the day, it’s just as important to take good care of your skin in the evening. Use a gentle cleanser to remove all your makeup and apply any creams you need, I use all the prescribed ones from my dermatologist! Leaving your make up one clogs your pores and can leave your skin more irritated. So take 20 mins of your evening giving it a bit of TLC!

So there we go, my quick tips on makeup for eczema prone skin. What tips or products would you recommend?


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