Have I found my skin saviour?

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Trying to repair my skin has become my life’s priority right now, I could open a pharmacy with the amount of products I’ve bought recently in a bid to combat my severe eczema. I recently discovered a brand called Skinfix, after their PR company got in touch with me. I found out you could get their products in Boots so popped in to pick a couple of things up. I got the soothing wash and eczema balm.

Now I have only been using these for a week or so, but alongside these and my prescribed creams from the dermatologist my skin is the clearest it has been in at least the last 6 months. This combination of products seems to be doing the trick quite nicely, sadly it does include topical steroids, but that is just a short term plan!

The soothing wash is, I think, the only product I’ve been able to use in the shower and not feel itchy afterwards, so this is definitely a new favourite of mine. The eczema balm is a thick, vaseline type texture but has proved to be lovely on my face, I pop it on in the evening when I want to give my skin a break from the steroids and by the morning the redness in my skin has dramatically reduced. 

I’m using these carefully and making sure I follow a strict routine that I’ve been set by my dermatologist but I can safely say I am enjoying these products! Once my skin is in a bit of a better condition I think I’ll look into what moisturisers Skinfix have too, as i’m impressed by their range!

Little skin update!

It’s actually okay at the moment, I can wear makeup, I’m getting more than two hours of sleep a night and i’m a lot less itchy. I’m not getting my hopes up too much as I could flare again at any time! I had a visit to the dermatologist the other day and we’ve got a whole plan in place including lots of tests so hopefully I’ll be in a better place very soon!

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