Life update: This is a lot harder than I thought

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I’m writing this for myself, so when I look back in 6 months, a years time  or whenever in the future I can see how far I’ve come.

The below photos show how bad my eczema is right now. Not nice to look at I know but I’m trying to document my journey on trying to combat my skin.

I am in pain, a lot of pain, the majority of the time at the moment. My skin is raw in places and I get probably about 3/4 hours sleep a night because I’m so uncomfortable.

I guess I’m also writing this for those that are going through the same thing as me and to let you know you aren’t alone!

It can be a really lonely thing having a skin condition and it can affect every aspect of your life, my social life, dating life and everything in between has been affected by this and to be completely honest I’m at a really low point, mentally. But we have to stay strong and fight it!

I cancelled plans to attend a party this weekend because I just couldn’t face being in a room full of strangers. It makes me nervous, and I get knots in my stomach every time someone looks at me. But you know what, I will beat this, I will get better and this is just a rough step in my life that I know I’ll look back on and be proud that I fought through it.

My topical steroid withdrawal journey so far has been up and down. I unfortunately had to start using them again recently but I’ve chosen the weakest ones, just to see if I can get regain some control.

I think starting a new job this last week has made me exhausted and stressed, thus leading my skin to freak out.

But I’m plodding on and while I sit here in the bath writing this, I’m trying to remember to stay strong and stay positive because it won’t be like this forever. Peace out ✌🏼️


  • Olivia mulhearn

    I’ve never seen someone’s skin look so similar to mine it’s nearly identical. I have it in exactly the same places as you to, it’s so painful to have such raw skin that is so painful all the time. People just don’t understand what it’s like to live with it everyday. Your post was so so relatable to me

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