48 Hours in Madrid 

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48 hours may not seem like a long time, but if you plan well and are prepared to be busy then you can see quite a lot of a city!

This is roughly how long I had in Madrid this week. It was a very last minute, spontaneous trip with my best friend, but oh my was it incredible. One of the most beautiful city’s I have ever visited! Here’s a few things I’d recommend you do and see!

The Metro

This was an absolute god send for us. We’d got a really good deal on an apartment that was quite far out of the city centre. We were advised to use the metro as it was the easiest way around the city. For 12 Euros we got a ticket that covered 10 journeys, so that was us sorted for the time we were there!

Parque de El Retiro

This was probably my favourite part of the whole trip. This park was so peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle from the city centre. Lovely cafes and someone playing the saxophone, and the best bit? The most stunning lake where you could hire boats (for only 6 Euro!). So off we went on our little row around the lake, it really was amazing, and the perfect way to spend the afternoon in the sunshine.

The Royal Palace

We kind of stumbled across this by accident. We’d only just arrived and we’re keen to make the most of our first evening there. So hopped on the metro and headed into town. After wandering through the most beautiful streets, the buildings there are honestly incredible, we came across the Palacio Real. It’s huge, and the design, so intricate. The Catherdral is also nearby too, again another beautiful building. After 6pm you can enter the palace for free, but with the length of the queue we just decided to wander round outside before getting dinner.

Plaza Mayor

We decided to head here for breakfast on our last day as we only had the morning before heading to the airport. It took us a little while to find, but when we did we were greeted with a beautiful square, filled with people getting their morning coffee and heading out for the day. After coffee and churros for breakfast we were ready for our journey home. Plaza Mayor was the best way to end our trip!

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