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Surviving Eczema in Summer

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I wrote a blog post last year on how to survive having eczema in winter, but now that summer is here I thought I would write one on this season too! Whether you have had eczema for most of your life like me, or you have only recently developed it here are some top tips!

Staying Cool Overnight

One of the most common times for me to become itchy and for my eczema to flare up is overnight. I go to sleep with my skin looking good and by the next morning I’m transformed into a puffy, rash ridden tomato.

So you don’t become a puffy, rash ridden tomato like me I’d recommend getting a thinner duvet, I think they do them by tog? or something along those lines. But get something thinner and not too heavy! Also swap out your long sleeved pjs for shorts and a vest top or something that will let your skin breathe over night.

Stay Hydrated

It doesn’t matter what time of year you need to stay hydrated. I seem to drink more alcohol in the summer, the pimms and cider makes an appearance and although tasty they can wreak havoc on your skin. Alcohol dehydrates you and the amount of sugar in fruity ciders isn’t great either so be sure to stay topped up on water. I like to add some lemon slices, or cucumber and mint as I get bored of water so easily!


I’m trying to get fit at the moment (emphasise on ‘trying’) and although inside I feel good after a run, my skin somewhat disagrees. I usually feel really itchy after I exercise, especially when it’s hot. The best way I tackle this is to take a cool shower when I get home. Don’t shower in super hot water as this will only irritate it further, go for a cooler temperature instead!

Tie Your Hair Up

This is for those who, like me, have long hair. When its warm my hair really irritates me neck, chest and shoulders and this is where my eczema is at its worse. Keep a hair bobble on you at all times and tie your hair up when it gets too warm!

What helps you to keep your skin calm over the hot, summer months? Let me know in the comments section below!👇

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