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Festival Beauty & Skincare Essentials

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Last year I wrote a post on festival essentials, and with my annual trip to Creamfields just around the corner I thought I would write an updated post focusing on the beauty and skincare essentials i’ll be packing!

Makeup Essentials

A festival is probably the only time of the year I will go bold with my makeup. Glitter is a personal favourite for my makeup bag and I will definitely be restocking my collection before I go to Creamfields next month! I generally just carry a few essential beauty items with me, it would be too easy to fill up my bag and over pack but it’s important to pack light! I’ll take a BB cream or lightweight foundation, nothing too heavy especially if my eczema decides to kick off! A concealer, bronzer and the all-important highlighter will also be going into the makeup bag. I’ll also take something for my brows, most likely my Benefit Gimme Brow and then an eyeshadow palette as well. Be sure to choose a palette with a range of colours so you can achieve a few looks over the weekend. Don’t forget a mascara and eyeliner as well! Lastly onto the lips, take with you a hydrating lip balm to protect your lips over the weekend, one with an SPF would be a bonus and then I’ll probably stick to a nude liquid lipstick for the weekend, maybe throw a red lipstick in there just in case!

This may sound like quite a lot but if you had seen what I packed in my makeup bag last year you’ll see that this is a huge reduction in products! I’m going to do some festival inspired looks over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye on my Instagram!

Festival Skincare

Because you have a lack of access to the usual home comforts it is important that you look after your skin while you’re away. You need adjust your usual skin routine, swapping your bathroom for a tent, but once you have the right products this is pretty easy.

An important thing to remember is to avoid using make up wipes to remove your makeup at the end of the day. They are harsh on your skin and are really drying, and boy my skin is already dry enough! The best thing to use is a cleansing micellar water and cotton pads, these are great at gently removing your makeup without setting off any sensitive skin issues. Once you’ve used a cleansing water finish off your skin with a super hydrating moisturiser. It isn’t the best skincare routine, but hey there’s only so much you can achieve when spending four days in a field, plus you don’t want to carry too much, remember the trip you’ll have to make from your car to the campsite! Something else that will help is to keep topped up on water, its important to keep your skin hydrated but is also important for your health, especially if its hot and you’re consuming alcohol!

Don’t forget to pack some suncream, if it’s hot the last place you want to burn is at a festival where you’ll struggle to look after your skin if you burn! Keep it topped up throughout the day and make sure you put some on before your makeup.

For those of you with skin issues like myself make sure you take enough supplies to get you through the weekend. For me that’ll be my new favourite, Aveeno moisturising cream, some antihistamines and some diprobase cream to handle any eczema flare up that’ll no doubt come my way at some point.

So that’s mostly what i’ll be packing in terms of beauty and skincare products for my trip to Creamfields. What are your festival beauty essentials? Let me know!



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