How to de-stress

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Life often goes at 100mph and over time things build up until the smallest of problems can tip you over the edge. I’ve experienced a lot of this recently, a lot of things went wrong last year and the slightest thing could turn me into a crying mess. I burnt some toast one morning, and that was it I lost the plot. Obviously it wasn’t the toast that upset me but the fact that everything else in my life had been turned upside down and I couldn’t even master the simple task of making breakfast.



Since the toast meltdown I have figured out a few ways to relax and unwind when life gets a little too much!

Pamper Yourself

Even if, like me, you’re trying to save some money there is no harm in treating yourself to a few little goodies and having a pamper evening. Mine will usually consist of a bath, face mask and a glass or two of wine. I’ll paint my nails, do my hair and just spend some good, quality time with…me!

Digital Detox

Sometimes all you need is a few hours offline. Shut off your computer, put your phone in a drawer and chill out. Read a book, have a bath, catch up with friends or family. Just take your eyes off your screens for a little while. When I’m feeling a little vulnerable or self-concisous being on social media isn’t always the best place to be, so sometimes it’s great to just switch it all off for a while!


It can be really tempting to eat all the junk food in sight when you’re feeling stressed, and don’t get me wrong I will often eat my way through a family sized bar of chocolate. However you have to remember that your body needs fuel and decent food to make you feel good. Put down the chocolate and get some fruit, veggies and decent home cooked food in you! I guarantee you’ll feel better in no time! This is coming from the girl sat eating a bowl of popcorn as she writes this blog post…


Nothing works better at relaxing you than a decent nights sleep. Switch off all your gadgets, and head to bed early. I’d also recommend putting on some new pjs and fresh bedding, it’s the best feeling!


When I get stressed out and need some space I enjoy heading out for a run. I stick my headphones in and just go round the block. The fresh air and time alone really does wonders for how you feel. If running isn’t for you try swimming or something a little quieter such as yoga or pilates!

What helps you to de stress? Let me know!

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