Body Shop Haul & Review

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If you’re able to walk in and out of The Body Shop without a bag of goodies then I applaud you, because I just can’t resist! Especially when there’s an offer on. I picked up a few bits last week, so here is a little first impression haul!



Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist

This fact mist is great for on the go when my skin is feeling dry…which for me is most of the time. It’s packed with rosewater, vitamin E and wheatgerm oil, a great combination for refreshed and hydrated skin.

I’ve used this spray both on bare skin and over the top of makeup and it’s so refreshing! I do find it stings a little when my eczema is flaring up though so I’ll probably avoid it unless my skin is feeling okay.

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

I have used the cleaning oil from this range before, which I found was great for removing my makeup but it was quite messy and I found I wasted quite a bit just trying to get it out the bottle.

The cleansing butter is super creamy and soft and melts away my makeup without being harsh on my skin, something that is really important to me because my eczema has made my skin so fragile and sensitive at the moment!

All-In-One BB Cream

Probably my favourite purchase in this little haul! When my skin is really dry I struggle to find a foundation that doesn’t highlight and cling to all my dry patches. So BB creams are the way to go for my on a daily basis! This all-in-one BB cream gives me that natural, dewy glow and is perfect for that no makeup, makeup look! It also has colour adapting technology to help match it to your skin tone…despite this I still think I bought the wrong shade. I bought myself 02, but could have gone just one shade lighter!

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