My Favourite Makeup Products For Dry Skin

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Generally I keep my eczema under relatively good control but every now and then my body says ‘nope, here have some dry/sore/red/patchy/weepy (I could go on) skin’. And while I normally don’t wear makeup when my skin is really bad, when it is just a little on the dry side there are a few products I reach for that don’t make my dry skin look worse!

A few beauty tips before I go into the products:

  • Don’t go for oil free or matte makeup products, they will dry your skin out even more and will probably cling to those dry patches!
  • Use moisturiser before applying any makeup products
  • Powders may dry your skin more so consider using cream bronzers and blushes if powder products result your makeup going patchy
  • Don’t wear too much, obviously this is personal preference but when my skin is dry I find the more makeup I wear the more patchy and cakey it will go. So minimal is often better!


I have a couple of moisturisers that I reach for before applying my makeup, besides all my eczema creams that is! My current favourite is the Garner Skin Active Moisture Bomb, I wrote a review on this a little while ago, go and check it out!

I also love the Body Shop Drops of Youth range. The moisturiser is so soft and silky and leaves my skin feeling so lovely.

Moisturiser is so important to apply before you put makeup on, especially when your skin is dry. If you apply foundation straight onto dry skin it will go patchy and won’t last long, I skipped moisturiser this morning in the rush before work and got a fright when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I was a hot flaky mess…So Moisturise!


I am yet to find the perfect primer for my dry skin but I do have a few that will do until I find the holy grail product!


I like the L’Oreal Paris Magique primer for that glowy look, this is especially great when my eczema has left my skin looking dry and dull!

The Nivea Mens Post Shave Balm did the rounds on social media last year as a fantastic primer, and I definitely agree. I think it’s great if I’m going on a night out as it keeps my foundation on for much longer.

Lastly I do like using the Smashbox photo finish hydrating primer. This is great at keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day. However, I have found that if I use this when my eczema is flaring then the primer stings, so it might not be for those that have super sensitive skin!


Depending on how my skin looks and feels will determine which of my favourite foundations I will reach for.


The no7 Beautiful Skin BB cream is my day to day favourite. It is light to medium coverage and I love it most when my skin is feeling a little worse and during an eczema flare up. It just gives a really nice natural glow and evens out my patchy skin tone! Make sure you look for the BB cream that is for dry/very dry skin as they have a range for all skin types!

When I need a little more coverage or my skin is feeling good I will use my trusty L’Oreal True Match foundation, it’s my all time favourite, that’s all I need to say!

For nights out I will either use my L’Oreal True Match or my Smashbox Studio Skin foundation, they’re both hydrating, long wearing and have the perfect coverage so I can dance the night away!


Concealer has always been a tough one for me as I find that most of them crease with my dry skin. But there are some concealers that do the trick, brighten under my eyes and hide those blemishes!


Under Eye Concealer

The Collection lasting perfect is my absolute favourite for this, which reminds me that I’m running out so must repurchase another asap! I also love the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer is also great for brightening and hiding those pesky dark under eye circles! I recently discovered the Nyx Dark Circle Concealer, it’s peachy colour helps hide the dark circles, and then I pop either of the concealers mentioned above on top to add a little more brightness!

Covering blemishes

It has to be the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. It doesn’t go cakey and hides some of my many dark spots and blemishes.

And, thats it (I think!), they are the products I reach for when my skin is feeling dull and dry. I would to know what your favourite dry skin beauty products, so leave a comment below!




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