Surviving Eczema in Winter

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Brrrr, winter finally seems to have arrived! And while I love cosy scarves, nights by the fire with a cup of tea and a good book, and even a little bit of snow what I don’t like is what the cold, harsh weather does to my complexion.

Dry skin, chapped lips and regular eczema flare ups make for a stressful few months but I have a few top tips to keep my skin at its best in winter.


Although water may not be the best appealing drink in winter (someone pass me a mulled wine) it is so important to stay hydrated from the inside out. I always know when I haven’t had enough water because my skin begins to get irritated. Set yourself a target each day for how much water to drink and try your hardest to meet it! Add some fruit such as lemon for a tastier drink!


This is for my eczema pals! Make sure your routine is as strict as ever during the winter months. One night without applying my creams and I go straight back to square one, hello itchy flakey skin! I tend to shower at night so I have enough time to apply all my creams without rushing around before work.


I haven’t ever been really strict with my diet but I notice my flare ups get worse when I have a lot of sugar so as hard as it is over the Christmas period to avoid sugary treats I try and limit it as much as possible to reduce the flare ups on my face and neck. Eat lots of fruit and veg too, it will help your complexion.

Think about clothing

When it’s cold we all wrap in warm in lots of layers; jumpers, scarves, hats etc. Unfortunately when I have a flare up someĀ items of clothing cause more itching and irritation, so just take note of what you wear before you head out and brave the cold.

So there are a few ways I try to survive my eczema in winter! What are your top tips?





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