Garnier Moisture Bomb range

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Your skin takes a bit of a battering throughout winter, the wet and cold weather doesn’t do it any favours. I think I may have found the perfect answer to keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated through the next few months, interested? Then keep reading…

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

I have always avoided face masks because of my eczema. I was terrified that something such as a face mask would trigger a flare up and that I would ended up looking like a bright red lobster.

Since I found out last year that my eczema does not flare up as a result of using skincare and beauty products I have been dabbling with the odd face mask here and there. However I have never really felt the benefit of them, until now.


I have seen the new Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask all over my Instagram feed and when I went to Superdrug the other day I saw it and thought I would give it a try.

The step by step instructions should have made the tissue mask easy to apply but it is a little fiddly the first time you use it. However once I had got it on right I chilled for 15 minutes while it worked its’ magic.

Once I removed the mask I could instantly feel how soft my skin was, but I didn’t get too excited yet. Normally when I use a product that says hydrating as soon as I wake up the next day my dry skin is back. Not with this though, I woke up and my skin felt refreshed and still so soft and hydrated.

If you have dry, sensitive skin and you’re looking to give it a little life then have a go with one of these masks, I can safely say they are amazing and I think they will become a weekly treat in my skin care routine. They also cost around £1.50 so they are a super affordable way to treat yourself!

Garnier Moisture Bomb Moisturiser

I also picked up the moisturiser in the range, it’s become a new favourite of mine! Costing around £5 it’s a perfect drugstore product and a must-have if you have dry skin! I use it every morning after washing my face and it keeps my skin hydrated all day, which also keeps my makeup on better.


I have found that when my eczema is bad this does sting a little when I apply it, so I just use it when my skin is dry and not sore, something to note for those of you with eczema prone skin!





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