Top things to do in Edinburgh

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It’s not quite the beach holiday I had planned this year. However Edinburgh is a beautiful city that I had the chance to explore with a couple of my friends for a few days. We packed a lot into the couple of days we were there, so here is what I would recommend you do if you’re heading to Edinburgh.


Before you head out to explore I want to recommend the place we stayed at. Stay city Apartments West End. These self-catering studio apartments are located about a 15 minute walk from Edinburgh Castle and are perfect for those, like me that wanted a little more space than a hotel room and a small kitchen to have the freedom to cook meals rather than go out to a restaurant. Check out their website and if you’re planning a trip to Edinburgh then these are perfect!

A spot of heritage

Looking to learn a little about the history of Edinburgh? Head to the castle. There’s lots to learn and the views over the city are pretty incredible. We were lucky enough to be there as the sun set, we definitely had the best seats in the house as the city came alive with lights.


Bring out your inner child

Next to the castle you can let your fun side out and go to the camera obscura. Start at the top with a tour of the camera obscura itself, a giant periscope that lets you take a look at city skyline. Then work your way down through rooms filled with interactive exhibits, optical illusions and if your stomach can handle it, what I can only describe as a vortex tunnel. Walk from one end of the tunnel to the other, seems easy? The tunnel spins around you and you feel as if you’ve had a drink…or few.

Talking of drinks

We looked up the best bars in Edinburgh and Bramble Bar took our fancy. Quaint, nice looking cocktail list, exactly what we were looking for. The bar isn’t easy to find though, we walked up and then back down the street with no sign of the place. Standing where we thought it was on the map we looked like very lost tourists until someone asked if we were looking for Brambles, she showed us through a small door, down some steps. Didn’t look like much but we had the loveliest evening. Gorgeous cocktails and brilliant atmosphere, a must if you are heading out for drinks!

More drinks? Warm up with whisky

It was just a little chilly whilst we were there, so we took a trip to the Scotch Whisky Experience. A tour around the worlds largest whisky collection, taught the best way to taste a whisky and a rather handsome tour guide. Definitely a good day!


Edinburgh Zoo

The highlight of my entire trip was the zoo. I just wanted to see the Pandas, I was so excited. We looked round the whole Zoo, admired all the animals (the ones that weren’t hibernating) and then headed to the panda enclosure for our time slot, you have to book a slot so that there aren’t too many people in there at once. After 20 minutes of standing in the cold waiting for him to make an appearance we gave up hope and made the decision to leave and lo and behold he ventures outside. He spent the next 15 minutes posing for us and playing around. Made my day, in fact, made my weekend! If you have time, then go to the zoo, you won’t regret it!

So there you have my favourite things to do in Edinburgh. As the true/organised blogger I am I lost my camera charger so had to take all my photos on my phone, hence the quality isn’t great. But its still memories from a brilliant weekend.



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