An update and a review

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I’m back! It’s been at least a month since I last wrote a blog and a lot has happened in that time! I moved into a new flat, and it’s safe to say it has been a bit of a nightmare. A water leak caused chaos in the first couple of weeks and it’s an issue that still isn’t sorted. I also went without broadband for a month hence the lack of content on here (GASP! How did I cope with no internet?!). Also, as I am writing this I think the heating is broken as it’s a little chilly in here. Anyway, you’ve come here for a review right?

Each month I order some samples using Feel Unique Pick ‘n’ Mix, if you haven’t seen it before you choose five samples and pay just £3.95 to get them delivered, the samples themselves are actually free! This is a fantastic way to try out some skincare and beauty products without breaking the bank.

I’ve decided that once a week I will try out one of the samples and do a quick first impressions here on my blog.

This week I tried out the Elemis Biotech Skin Energising System range. I received some samples of the cleanser, day cream and night cream. The sample size was small but there was enough product for me to try out for around three days.

Elemis Biotech Skin Energising Cleanser

As soon as I used this cleanser I could feel it working on my skin. I used it as a second cleanse to get the remains of my make up off and my facer felt so good once I used it. It instantly brighter and more fresh and as the name suggests, energised! It also made a great base for the application of moisturiser.

Elemis Biotech Skin Energising Day Cream

My first impressions of this day cream is that how much it prepared my skin for make up. It felt like a really hydrating base and I definitely felt like my make up stayed on much better the couple of days that I used it. My face felt super hydrated and smooth all day. I would definitely recommend it for those who, like me, have really dry skin.

Elemis Biotech Skin Energising Night Cream

When I first applied this I could feel how hydrating it was. It was a nice think formula and applied so nicely on my skin. I felt the benefits the next morning, it was so nice to wake up to soft skin, it seemed to lock in all the hydration as I slept!

As I only tried these products for a couple of days this is just a first impression, but I am definitely impressed with how nice they made my skin feel.

Would I recommend buying them?

If you can get past the price tag, my jaw hit the flaw when I had a  look on the Elemis website, I would recommend getting this range if you are looking to hydrate and brighten your skin.

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