Training for a 10-mile run?!

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I used to be so fit as a child; netball, dance, tennis, football were just a few of the things on my weekly activities list. But as I got older these sports dropped off my radar and once I went to university that was it, the only exercise I got was walking to the bus stop for lectures, oh and can you count dancing for hours on a night out?

DSC_0064Anyway, once I left university my fitness levels were at an all time low and with a year or so struggling with a chest condition it was a recipe for disaster. Last year I took part in the Wolf Run, 10km of mud, obstacles and lakes, lets just say my body didn’t handle it will, I lost county of all the bruises I sustained; but it was for charity that is close to my heart so worth it!

This year I decided it was time to get fit, I have always been fortunate to have always been slim but the years of university life have meant I started to gain weight, just a little, but enough for me to want to stop it before it was too late! Also, I think getting fit will help reduce my stress, improve my health and skin and of course make me feel generally better about myself!

The challenge this year? The Great South Run, taking place in October, it’s 10 miles along the south coast. I kept putting off training but I finally went for a run last week, and although I only managed just under 3 miles I was quite proud of myself as it was a start. I have scheduled 2 or 3 runs a week, each week increasing by a little until I get to the magic 10 miles!

The Charity? I will be running for Freddie’s Wish, set up by a friend of mine after she tragically lost her 13-month-old son Freddie in a car accident in December 2014. The charity works to train parents vital paediatric first aid for their children, and as a support network for parents going through the loss of their child. Read more about Freddie’s Wish and the amazing work they do. I will be setting up a JustGiving page in the near future so if you would like to sponsor me stay tuned for more information.

I will be updating my blog on the progress of my training  and then the run itself, if anyone has any training tips then I would love to hear them.


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