Festival Essentials

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Festival season is in full swing, and no matter which festival you are heading to the items you pack are pretty much the same across the all of them, depending on the weather forecast of course!

I’m going to Creamfields in a couple of weeks, I have already started looking at festival fashion and beauty inspiration. And whilst I search the internet for glitter, flower crowns and new clothes, I also have a list of essentials that are an absolute must have for a weekend at a festival!

A tent, sleeping bag and wellies are obvious essentials, but here are a few extras that I think you should take with you.

First things first, pack light! You have to carry whatever you take with you from the car park to the campsite, believe me you can’t carry as much as you think. The first year I went I couldn’t feel my arms for a good few hours after getting to the campsite, it was not an enjoyable experience. So only pack what you need!

Baby wipes and antibacterial hand wash. Let’s face it festivals are not the cleanest of places, unless you buy a higher priced tickets you won’t have showers available and lets not even talk about toilets. Baby wipes are great for a makeshift shower and antibacterial hand wash helps protect from the nasties when you do eventually brave the toilets!

Dry shampoo is a must, by day three my hair gets a little greasy and does not want to cooperate at all. Dry shampoo just helps my hair look that little bit better towards the end of the festival so I definitely recommend getting yourself some to keep you hair looking great.

Make sure you pack some chewing gum as well, you won’t have any running water so brushing your teeth is a little more difficult when you have to use bottled water instead. Chewing gum will help keep your breath fresh all day long.

The first year I went to a festival I just took a small handbag with me for when we left the campsite and headed to the arena. BIG MISTAKE, I spent the whole weekend trying to hold onto it, it slipped off my shoulders more times then I care to remember and it was generally just a real nuisance. I saw so many girls with bumbags so the next time I went to a festival I got myself one and it was great. I didn’t worry about losing my stuff as it was more secure than a shoulder bag and I had my hands free all day! I haven’t been to a festival in a couple of years though so I have no idea where mine is, online shopping here I come!

Another favourite item for me to pack is my onesie, even if the weather is good it can be pretty chilly at night, so it will be useful for keeping cosy. Mine came in especially handy when I forgot my sleeping bag a couple of years back, yes that’s right it somehow got left in my car at my friends house. My onesie probably saved me, so if you have one then pop it in your bag!

All of these essentials will go alongside my clothes, makeup, glitter, cider and possibly a couple of flower crowns as well!

Right now that is all I can think of as essentials for your weekend, I still haven’t made my list of what I’m taking to Creamfields so I will probably remember some more over the next few days.

Let me know what you’re festival essentials are!




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