Artis/Mac oval brushes dupe?!

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So I have had my eye on the oval makeup brushes that seem to be all the rage at the moment. But I could not bring myself to pay that much for the Mac or Artis brushes, I mean, I’m all for the decent quality but I need to stop making my bank quiver with fear.

So, I delved into the wonderful world of eBay! And purchased myself an oval foundation brush that cost me £2.15, and well, it is pretty damn awesome! No other brush or beauty blender has given me a flawless base like this oval brush has.


The brush is so soft and blends everything perfectly, my foundation has never looked so good. I was so surprised  that a brush that cost so little could perform so well.


But, are there any cons?

The foundation brush does seem to soak up quite a bit of the product, I can normally get away with just one pump of my favourite foundation, but when I first used this brush it took two to get the desired coverage. However, I soon fixed this problem. I just sprayed a little of my smash box primer water onto the brush to dampen it and it stopped soaking up so much of the foundation.

I have only had the brush for a week, so long-term I’m not sure how well it will last, but if you want to test out an oval foundation brush without breaking the bank I definitely recommend having a look on eBay. I’ll leave the link to the specific one here, so you can take a look. I think I will also do a makeup look on my YouTube channel using this brush, so stay tuned!

If you have purchased any  beauty products on eBay or anywhere else that are a great dupe for higher end products then be sure to let me know!




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