Top tips to keep your skin hydrated

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If you have been reading the other posts on my blog then you’ll know I suffer from really dry, eczema prone skin. I find that the more I keep my skin hydrated the less chance there is of my eczema flaring up. Here are a few things that work for me!


This is probably the thing I am worst at, I don’t drink enough! I always drink plenty of sugary squash, coffee and fizzy drinks but this is such a bad habit of mine and does absolutely nothing for my complexion! So, I have made it a personal mission to drink water, and lots of it. I don’t actually like the taste of water, so to make it a little more palatable I add some ice and a couple of slices of lemon, which have a wide variety of benefits for your body! If I stick to this it should keep my skin hydrated and looking great!


I find my skin is at its worst when I’m lacking in sleep, not sure why (if someone has the answer to that then please let me know!). So I have been trying really hard to keep my sleep routine as normal as possible and it is already helping a lot, of course I have nights where I don’t sleep well or where I have to get up at the crack of dawn for work, which really throws me! But I just have to make sure I work extra hard at taking care of my skin on those days to prevent it flaring up.

Skin care routine

This is the most important thing for me. For a long time my self-esteem was quite low and admittedly I didn’t take very good care of my skin. But recently I have worked very hard at taking better care of myself. This includes quite a strict daily routine (which you can read about in some of my earlier posts). I spent quite a bit of money in the Body Shop but I am so glad I did because my skin has never been better! It is just so much softer and hydrated and my eczema hasn’t flared up in quite a while, so I hope if I keep going I can keep it at bay for a while to come! Of course I can’t avoid flare ups completely, but I am better prepared for when it does. I always make sure I have a supply of my eczema creams so that if I have a flare up I don’t have to wait days for my prescriptions to arrive! Another aspect of my skincare is how I remove my makeup in the evening. The lady in the bodyshop told me off for removing my makeup with makeup wipes. I didn’t realise how damaging they are for your skin and how much moisture they take away. I haven’t used one since and I can safely say that I think that has made the biggest difference to how many flare ups I have. So to take my makeup off I now use a cleanser and a muslin cloth, it leaves my skin soft and isn’t harsh on my skin at all…result!

So there are just a couple of ways that I have found keep my skin hydrated and reduce the amount of eczema flare ups I have. Let me know what you think and if you have any ways that you think could help me further then please leave a comment below!




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