My daily skincare routine

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It would be an understatement to say that my skin can be a little frustrating. I have suffered from severe dry skin and eczema since I was little, it never used to bother me too much, but in recent years I have definitely become more conscious about how I look, seeing images of women with “perfect” skin plastered all over social media didn’t help at all. But, at the age of 23 I am finally beginning to love myself for who I am, eczema and all.

I have, however, got myself into a pretty good routine with my skincare that seems to keep my eczema at bay (most of the time). It means I don’t have to walk around with people staring at me thinking I have a disease or something. Someone even once came up to me once, whilst I was working, and asked why I had a love bite on show on my neck. A complete stranger, I was a little taken aback and didn’t know how to respond, but once I explained that it was in fact a flare up of my eczema she looked the shocked one, more out of embarrassment then anything! It did hurt a little bit but that’s why I now work extra hard at my skincare routine to try and keep me looking disease/love bite free!

First thing in the morning I use my Simple kind to skin moisturising facial wash. Simple products are my absolute favourite. They have no perfumes or artificial colours so it doesn’t set off my sensitive skin. I use this facial wash with some warm water every morning, before applying any make up or other products on my face. This face wash gets rid of any grim or dirt on my skin and also locks in some of the hydration that my skin so desperately needs!

I will then apply my Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream. This is from the range that is specifically designed for dry/very dry skin. Again, like the face wash it leaves my skin hydrated and any makeup that I apply on top of this has a smaller chance of caking/flaking and generally looking awful!

In the evening it takes a little longer to keep my eczema away but the time spent on it is worth it, I have been a lot happier in the past few months since I got into this strict routine.

To remove the majority of my makeup I will use a baby wipe. Many makeup wipes are too rough on my skin wears baby wipes are a little more gentle! I will then use my Boots N07 Hot Cloth Cleanser. This is a new purchase of mine but it very quickly became part of my routine as it is so nice, my skin has never felt so soft! This cleaner is great at removing the last of my makeup and removes all the grime and dirt from my pores. After using the cleanser I will use a cocktail of my prescribed eczema creams. Depending on what my skin has been like that day will need a different type of prescribed cream, but I won’t go into detail on that, it really isn’t too exciting!

So that is roughly what my daily face skincare is, it may change depending if my eczema is playing up or not! But since being in a strict routine I have found that overall my skin has been much better and the flare ups are becoming fewer and further between.

Happy days!

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