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So I have already failed in writing on my blog at least twice a week. It’s too easy to come home from work and slob on the sofa, but I am determined to make it part of my normal routine!


Anyway, here is a little post on a recent Makeup Revolution haul that I did. This brand is quite new to me and so far I’m loving it! I haven’t had chance to use all of these products yet but will update you when i get round to using them!

The first thing I picked up was a Vivid Baked Blush. This blush is absolutely beautiful! I did not expect something so pigmented for cheaper highstreet makeup. I am so used to having a heavy hand when it comes to blusher as I don’t often get the desired results. It seems that I got a little carried away with this blush and the first time I used it I looked a little clownish. However, I do love this blush, now that I use it a little more sparingly because it is so pigmented. I got this blush in the shade ‘loved me the best’ and it cost £2.50. Yes that’s right, only £2.50! I think I may be going back online to purchase the other shades in this collection.

I also purchased a new product from Makeup Revolution, it’s The One Sculpt Contour Stick. I wanted to get this as I have preferring to use cream contour products as it suits my dry skin better than powder contour. Cream contour does take a lot more patience to achieve the desired results I am still to use this product but will definitely share my opinions of it with you! Probably on my Instagram so head over there to keep updated!

I picked up a couple of eye brushes. I got the PRO E103 eyeshadow blending brush and the PRO102 eyeshadow contour brush. These brushes are so soft and fluffy and blend my eyeshadow so beautifully. I love these brushes and may have a little look at the rest of the collection as makeup brushes are the one thing that seem to cost a lot in my collection and I am so happy I found some for a reasonable price! I also picked up what I think is a great dupe for the beauty blender. As much I love my makeup there is no way I would spend £16 on a makeup sponge! So I got this one instead, I haven’t used it yet but it looks great and will, hopefully, be a great replacement for my Real Techniques sponge which has definitely had its day! The pro blend sponge cost £4.99 whilst the brushes were £1.99 each, you can’t go wrong really! Even though I don’t think anything can beat my Real Techniques brush collection!

Finally, I got my hands on the Beyond Flawless Ultra Eyeshadows palette. This palette is gorgeous, I haven’t properly used it yet but I did some swatches and the colours are so pigmented and first impressions suggest they blend really nicely too. There are 32 beautiful shades, the majority of which are shimmery (my favourite kinds of shadows). Can’t wait to use this, I will definitely share some of the looks I create over on my Instagram, and maybe my YouTube channel. This palette cost £8, that works out at around 25p per eyeshadow, bargain!


So that is everything I bought, can’t wait to try it all out. I also want to say that I was very happy with the efficiency of the postage of my parcel. I have heard not great reviews about the length of time it takes for Makeup Revolution to deliver their parcels but I can’t complain at all! Brilliant service and lovely products, definitely one of my new favourite highstreet brands!



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